If I will be in love with you…

 If I will be in love with you I will stay there for a while. It can be years or a lifetime, it depends how strong we are. If I will be in love with you then you will be in love with me. You will be madly in love with me, not for two minutes or for that night you will breathe my name in your lungs. If you will be in love with me then I will be dangerous. For you and for me also. I won’t stay calm if I want to yell with you. I will say everything to you. Loud and clear and I will be very mad if you make me mad. I won’t stay calm and I won’t stay in that corner. I will stay in the middle and I will open my big mouth even if we will start to fight with each other. I just want you to let you know, this means I love you. Sometimes I can act like a little girl and sometimes I can’t stay a woman because I want to shout, cry or just be a little girl. I want you to say sorry because I know I can be hard to handle  and I want you to say a big thank you that you know it’s worth it because you love me. If you felt in love with me then nothing will be the same anymore.

You will always remember my name, my sleepyhead and you will always remember how I like to drink my good night kiss tea. If you want to leave me you won’t. You will go as far as you can and you still gonna miss me. That’s why I warned you: don’t fall in love with me. You will miss to call my name, you will miss my voice, you will miss our fights and you will miss to hug me or kiss me. You will need my hands, my warm heart, my heartbeat and you will ask someone to make you a breakfast but you will always miss my kind of mornings…our kind of mornings. And the saddest thing is no one will make you a breakfast like I did. Served with latté and a huge love.

You will hurry back to me, because your home is here in my lovely bed, in my warm heart and in my thoughts… and my home is in your heart. If I will be in love with you , I will wake you up at 2 a.m. to talk to me and then you will say to me with your sweet sleepy voice: “honey, come here in my arms we can sleep more” and I will follow you. To your dreams, to our dreams. If you will be in love with me you will know how to handle me, how to cheer me up, what to do when I will get that silly mood. You will know what to do when I will cry. You will protect me , no matter what. You won’t just let everything go. You will hold me so close to you and we will protect each other. You will take care of my eyes and you will always care how big the fire in my eyes. You will protect my heart, to not to be broken. You will listen my heartbeat to notice if my heart will beat fast and you will always be there to make it slower and calmer. You will know, how important to me to be in peace.

If we will be in love , we won’t look back. We won’t live in past and we will know that past is past and everything is good and everything should be in this way because other case we wouldn’t met with each other. We will say thank you for our past and we will be so happy. Happy, right now,in this moment. We will be the happiest couple in the Earth and we will say a huge thank you to the universe and to us because we can be together. We want to feel this everyday. Every night, every minute. You and Me. Always. I promise you I will show you everyday how much I love you. Maybe I won’t say “I love you” everyday but I will make your coffee every morning because I know how you hate early mornings. I will go to the bakery to buy your favorite baguette and I will do this because I love you. I will say everyday how happy I am and how blessed I am. Because you make me the happiest woman. My heart is smiling because of you and that’s all what matters. Nothing more and nothing less. I will take care of you…

I will be here…with you. Always. You can count on me always and no matter what. I will stay by your side and I will motivate you to make big moves. I will hold your hands, as long as  you need my warm and strong hands. I will speak to you as long as you mark my words. I will tell you stories, as long as you want to hear my kind words. I will whisper in your ears as long my voice makes you kind and calm. I will kiss you as long as my kisses makes you feel the happiest man. I will kiss you and hug you from all of my heart. As long as my heart is your home I will wait for you until you come home.


Perepelica Claudia

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