5 “THINGS” or things I can’t live without / in English /

1. Friends and Family

Whatever happens in your life, they are always there. They’re always care and they are there for you to help you if you are good or bad. If you are on the floor they will pick you up and show you how beautiful you are. I’m so thankful for my friends and for my family because they made me stronger and they believe in me. But be careful, who is your true friend and who is your ‘party’ friend. They are not the same.


2. Blog

I can’t imagine the day, when I will stop blogging. This is my life and I do it with all of  my heart. I found this ‘little heaven’ in myself and I will show this for the world. Because this is my soul and my passion and I’m so happy because I can dream big. Remember: If your dreams doesn’t scare you they are not big enough!


3. Photos

I know it can be really annoying when you guys are with me and I want to do so many pictures, but the truth is this is my passion also. I can’t stop and I’m addicted. No matter how I feel, I will always take pictures. Because pictures staying with me forever. They are always making me feel somehow. In one picture you can find passion, love, creativity, sadness and so on. I will never stop this, and if you are smart you will start taking pictures also. 🙂 It’s a treasure.


4. Sunday

Many people hates ‘sunday feeling’ but actually I’m kinda love with this feeling. I can sleep until I want then I can go to the kitchen for a coffee with messy hair of course and then I can read Vogue. This is how my sundays looks like and I would never skip a perfect sunday.


5. Book and Tea

These things makes me feel alive. I can be in a different world and I can espace from the reality whenever I want. If you have tea and book at home you will never feel loneliness at all. I promise you! Just make a tea and start reading babygirl.




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  1. Tucker says:

    Thanks for wwriting this

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